Meet The Team

Claire Hogle

Claire Hogle is the visionary backbone of Infinity Rope, with a journey that epitomizes resilience and a profound connection to golf. Her transition from a competitive collegiate golfer with aspirations for the LPGA to a social media influencer in the golf world reflects her adaptability and deep love for the game. Claire's approach is rooted in inspiration and engagement, principles she infuses into every facet of Infinity Rope. With a significant following across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, she's become a beacon for those looking to embrace golf, particularly women and young enthusiasts. Claire's dedication to sharing her passion and knowledge has not only shaped her as a leading figure in the golf community but also as a pioneering force behind Infinity Rope, making golf more accessible and enjoyable for all.


Coach Dave Fink

Coach Dave Fink is the instructional heart of Infinity Rope, with a +1.5 index that showcases his deep understanding of the game. Dave's philosophy is that mastery comes from clarity and simplicity, principles he applies to every piece of content and instruction he develops. With years of coaching experience under his belt, he's the authority on crafting engaging, insightful, and effective training programs for our community. Dave's commitment to making the complex simple and the difficult achievable has made him an invaluable asset to both Infinity Rope and golfers looking to up their game.


Professor Zach Russell

Zachary Russell, a seasoned golfer and professor, brings a grounded perspective to Infinity Rope, combining the discipline of sport and the creativity of innovation. With a 5 handicap, he's well-versed in the nuances of golf and committed to making the game more approachable and rewarding. His focus is on developing straightforward, effective training aids that help fellow golfers see and achieve steady improvements in their play.